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Direct source from the alps

The water used in the process of dilution flows directly pristine Italian springs at the foot of the Rhaetian Alps in the stunning valley of Franciacorta, famous for its excellent wines. Filtered through underground passages between the rocks of the mountains above. Lake Iseo, it flows pure and clear. The springs of Franciacorta are characterized by their reduced mineral content which gives the vodka an extraordinary balance.

Distillation and filtration

A triple distillation extracts the very best qualities of the grain, ensuring the right balance between the pure and the smooth. The distillate is then carefully filtered several times through birch activated carbon filters which has the ability to retain the smallest impurities and quartz fine sand, resulting in a clear crystalline alcohol. Finally the alcohol content is reduced from the degree of distillation to the degree of commercialization (40% Vol) by adding water of the highest purity from the Apline springs of Franciacorta.

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